(This is a reprint of last year’s post on Lenten ideas for young children)

The Stations of the Cross are a powerful way to pray and remember the sacrifices Jesus made for us on his tormented journey to Calvary. But the Stations can be a bit overwhelming for young children. Here is a link to a thoughtful and meaningful website from Passionist Missionaries of Union City, NJ, dedicated to bringing the mystery of the Stations to our children. The pictures are child-friendly and the text asks that we first carefully look at Jesus in each station and then it gives us some thoughts on which to contemplate. Then we look at our own hearts and examine the meaning of that Station in our lives.

I found that it was helpful for me, even as an adult, to revisit the Stations through the eyes of someone seeing them for the first time. Often, I learn more about my faith by going back to the beginning and stripping away all that I thought I knew or believed. One of the greatest gifts our children can give us is the opportunity to see things with fresh eyes!

May your Lenten journey be one of fresh discoveries and renewed faith.