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Mission, Vision and Philosophy

Mission Statement

Inspired by our patron Francis of Assisi, we seek to proclaim the reign of God by growing in Holiness through our experience of Christ in word, sacrament and one another, offering Hope to those who hunger for human dignity, and extending Hospitality to all.

Vision Statement

We strive to foster holiness, hope, and hospitality in a faith-enriched, child centered learning environment.


As Christian educators, the staff of St. Francis of Assisi Preschool will strive to guide each child to develop to his/her greatest potential.  The program is committed to aid in the growth and development of the whole child by way of individual and group interaction.  The curriculum will incorporate a variety of activities and material designed to stimulate each child to grow spiritually, physically, socially, and intellectually.  It is the intended effect that each child will become more aware of God and the world He gave us.  We believe the faith shared with parents, teachers and students is nourished by prayer and worship within the total life of the school and parish community.  The Preschool environment will encourage the children to develop greater self-esteem and respect for others. In addition it will provide a place for each child to explore and engage in free and imaginative play.


To implement a Catholic education program that will introduce each child to the Gospel teachings and Catholic Christian Values central to our Faith and provide opportunities to apply them to real life situations.  The program will help each child to develop to his/her potential.

To support these areas, the Preschool’s Objectives are:

  • To provide age and developmentally appropriate activities
  • To create opportunities to Experience Catholic Tradition
  • To foster the development of a beginning relationship with God
  • To partner with parents as the “first teachers in faith”


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