What is Science SPARKS?

Science SPARKS (Scientific Preschoolers Actively Researching for Knowledge (s) is our Preschool math and science enrichment program aimed at introducing the basic fundamentals of both disciplines in a fun and engaging way. This program has been a part of St. Francis of Assisi Preschool since 2009 and was modeled after a similar program at a neighboring preschool. Topics are chosen by committee and interested parents assist with each topic.

In an example month, the children are introduced to the Scientific Method and its importance in understanding the world around us. Stations are set up to allow the children to experiment with their 5 senses.

  • They listened to the rattling inside similar boxes. Were those 2 sounds similar or different? Was one higher and one lower?
  • They looked through different objects to see how their sight was enhanced or impeded. How does the world look through one end of the binoculars? What about when seen through the other end? When looking through a colored lens, how does that make the world appear? What if two were stacked on top of one another before looking through them?
  • They smelled various scents hidden in cups. Can smelling help determine what is in the cup? Is the smell a pleasing one?
  • They touched several different articles and learned words to describe each. Which one was scratchy? Which one was smooth?
  • They tasted kid-friendly foods. Which one tasted salty? Did one taste sweet?

As preschool educators and as parents, we know that young children are natural scientists. They are curious about the world around them and will make many attempts to better understand. This instinctual curiosity and desire to explore that makes our children so eager to learn. We look forward to sharing a new scientific or mathematical concept with the Preschool children each month throughout the year!