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Our family is in our sixth year at the preschool, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. We are not Parish members, but as soon as we visited the school and saw the beautiful campus and happy children and teachers, I knew I wanted our children to attend. We’ve had so many caring and wonderful teachers, and have gained many friendships. St Francis has been very welcoming, and our children have participated in Vacation Bible School and Parish Athletics. Our oldest has gone on to elementary school, and he was well-prepared for kindergarten, both academically and socially. We will be sad when our preschool days are behind us!

C. L.

Preschool Parent

St. Francis Preschool provides the best teachers, administration, academics and social environment for my children to develop into strong, well adjusted kindergartners. There is nothing better for a parent then to have their child excited to go to school. After trying other preschools we are so happy to have found a home here at St. Francis.

J. L.

Preschool Parent

Two years ago my husband and I were trying to decide if our son was ready for Kindergarten. His birthday is in July so he was old enough to go, but he was academically unfocused and having trouble socially. When we heard that St. Francis was starting a Preparatory Kindergarten, we decided to enroll him in the new program and give him one more year before starting Kindergarten. It turned out to be the best decision we could have made for our son.  He grew up so much the year he spent with Ms. Connie and Ms. Tammy. They helped him with his social skills and prepared him academically for Kindergarten. They gave him the self-confidence he needed to learn to read and make friends.

Our son is now in the middle of his Kindergarten year and is flourishing. He is reading above grade level, he loves math and has many good friends. But most importantly he enjoys going to school and feels confident he is a good student.  We are thrilled with how well he is doing and attribute so much of his success to the Prep K class at St. Francis. We have no doubt that had we sent him straight to Kindergarten, he would have struggled and would not be the happy and self-confident kid he is today.

The Prep K is an outstanding program and Ms. Connie is an outstanding teacher. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to give their child a little more time and preparation for Kindergarten.

E. E.

Preparatory Kindergarten

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how thankful I am for the preschool and how wonderful last night was!  It was so wonderful to see all the teachers and staff there to greet us and it felt so warm and welcoming, I was excited for new families!

If the Prep K had a mascot, I so wish it could be me!!!!  I cannot tell you how much last year meant to me and my family. From the moment Gabby and Ann Marie gently approached me about E possibly needing one more year, they walked me and her thru the entire year and helped us BOTH prepare!  I talked to Gabby almost everyday at the beginning of the year last year, she was there for me loving E just as much as I do!

When we started school last year, E was waking up at 5 am and crying until y’all physical removed her from me at drop off.  She would cry so much in class that she would fall asleep on the couch or go sit with Shelley until she was calm.  It was an impossible situation but I was able to do it because every morning because Shelley was at the door smiling at us both, and Connie was always there telling me it was okay and helping me probably even more than Ellie!  There just aren’t enough words to explain the love we have for Ms. Connie!!!!!

The first day at kindergarten, E walked right in, was so excited and she was ready;  she was ready because Connie and Tammy are amazing teachers;  she was ready because she had four years at the preschool where she was loved everyday and she was given the time she needed to mature;  she was ready because Prep K gave her the time and confidence she needed;  as I walked in last night, Connie and Tammy were just as excited and happy as I was and they were so proud of her!

I just wish I had the words to thank you for starting the TK class and how excited I am about all the changes I’ve seen since  you became our director.  TK and Connie helped us find the Ellie we knew was in there, we just couldn’t pull out!!!  I am just forever grateful for TK, for the loving teachers of the preschool, and for you :)))).


Preschool Parent Prep K

Why St Francis Preschool?

Making decisions that involve your children’s development and future are often quite difficult. As a parent, you always want to set your children up to succeed and make sure you are helping in every way to build a solid foundation for life. I am confident that the decision my husband and I made to send the children to St. Francis Preschool was one of the best we have made for them in their short lives.

First, let me begin with the teachers. We have had 11 of these incredible women to be exact. Every single one of them made an immediate impact on our children. To this day my second grader asks me to tell her when she has early release day at TFS, so she can go back and give her preschool teachers a hug.  These teachers are so special. It’s not just for the love they exude, but also how they set our children up to be successful in the classroom and in their faith formation.

My children were very well prepared for Kindergarten because of their preschool teachers. Each of our children are different in personalities, likes versus dislikes, etc; however, no matter what the personality, these teachers have been able to bring out the best and prepare each one of them to be tremendous little women and men. The way they adapt to each child and get them all to that same goal of being ready for Kindergarten is amazing to me. They not only prepared them for the workload of elementary school, but also for the, length of the school day, and social aspects, teaching them to respect others.

I could speak about the preschool for hours, because, truly, I am so passionate about the love, education, faith teachings and lifelong friendships my children-and my husband and I- have made from attending this school.

From an administrative perspective, you could not get a more professional, understanding, caring and loving group. You are never just “another family”. You are always special and unique and your concerns and questions are addressed to the fullest. They understand that your children are your most precious possession and partner with you to help them reach their education goals.


J. M.

Preschool Parent

Ready for Kindergarten

My five year old son loved his two years at St. Francis. He loved his teachers and still talks about them today. His ” Busy Bees” teachers were incredible and he still lights up when he sees them. The small class size and teacher to student ratio was just right for him. His teacher picked up on a speech delay his first year and was instrumental in helping us get him on the right track to be where he is today.  He made some great friends that he still continues friendships with. I loved that the school had specials like music and Spanish. I highly recommend St Francis to anyone looking for a preschool for their child. You can be assured that they will learn independence, good values and the basic fundamentals to put them on the right path for Kindergarten.


T. P.

Preschool Alumni Parent

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