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Our students will discover when arriving at the preschool, the stations of Action Based Learning. By moving through our stations, we give young minds the opportunity to develop and activate their kinesthetic learning.

Action Based Learning Station

Action Based Learning Station

Brain science strongly supports the link of movement to learning. The brain and body’s movement and learning systems are interdependent and interactive. For example, motor development provides the

framework that the brain uses to sequence the patterns needed for academic concepts. The body’s vestibular system controls balance and spatial awareness and facilitates the students ability to place words and letters on a page.

The preschool has incorporated the ABC Pathways Stencil into the surface as you enter the playground. Based on our Action Based Learning concepts, this is an excellent way to reinforce letter recognition and proper formation. This will be incorporated into our playground time and/or added as an activity at anytime during the preschool day.


When a student walks or crawls on the ABC Pathway in specific patterns, the brain’s ability to encode symbols is increased. The four visuals fields needed for eye tracking is strengthened. Proper development and remediation of these systems are critical to a childs’ ability to learn.
To learn more about Action Based Learning and the benefits of Movement to Brain Development at the earliest of ages, please visit www.abllab.com/

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