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All of our children participate in a weekly Music and Movement Class taught by our energetic and enthusiastic Karla White. Karla is a mother of 9 children, so you can imagine that she would be organized and full of energy! She plans age appropriate activities which allow children to develop large motor skills such as jumping, hopping, skipping and throwing. These activities are intertwined with music, singing and rhythmic fun.  In addition to this weekly class, children are also welcomed into school each morning with Music and Movement activities based on current brain research. Our Action Based Learning Stations change monthly and work to enhance a different type of large motor skill combined with a cognitive skill. These activities stimulate different parts of the brain and help prepare it for learning.  Children are introduced to these activities in Music and Movement class so that they will learn the proper way to execute them and be able to practice over and over again each day when the they come to school.  They are preparing their brains for more advanced learning all while having fun! 

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