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9:00AM to 12:00PM

$155 per week

June 12

Music Makers
Little ones who like to sing, dance and make music will enjoy a week of this camp as they transform into little musicians!

June 19

Tiny Scientists
SCIENTISTS NEEDED:  Looking for curious rising 3-year-olds for laboratory “work” this summer!  We will (1) OBSERVE (2) QUESTION (3) HYPOTHESIZE (4) TEST and (5) ANALYZE!  We will tackle snow, snow slime, Science in a bag, Science in a bowl, insects, crystals, sounds, and more!
Having fun is our objective.  Learning the periodic table is negotiable 🙂

July 10

Down By The Shore
We are escaping to the tropics and exploring the deep blue sea.  Kids will have fun in the sun as they learn about sea animals, sea life and island life.  They will play with sand, search for sea shells, play beach games and build a class aquarium.


Land Before Time
Campers will experience the world of dinosaurs. By creating dino crafts and digging for fossils, they will travel back in time when BIG lizards roamed!

June 12

Let’s Build
Campers will explore the world of Legos.  There will be group and partner projects like building bridges, mini marble mazes and blindfold build, as well as free build, Lego car races and developing a “creation station”.  Get those creative juices flowing!

Creative Campers
Young artists will learn new art skills and explore their creativity while developing a lifelong appreciation for the visual arts. This week they will learn about famous artists and their styles and explore wth a variety of materials.

June 19

Construction Zone
Dig out your hard hats, put on the tool belts and get ready to play, learn, create and have fun. Campers who love to build and create will enjoy this camp.  They will learn to use tools and build with blueprints. Create and build things like coin banks and birdhouses.

Down by the Shore
Dolphins, sharks, sea anemones, starfish – so much to explore in the ocean! Dive deep into the Bold Adventure of the undersea world! Below the ocean’s surface, there are many amazing things to see and learn about, from plants to animals to submarine volcanic mountains! This week will be filled with aquatic-based activities, nautical stories, and games!

July 10

Summer Olympics
Go for the GOLD! From the opening ceremonies to the medal stands, this week will be award-winning! We will fairly divide into teams where everyone can engage in some friendly and fun competition.  Campers and staff will match up in a variety of games and challenges.  Work as a team to show off your skills, abilities, and talents.  Throughout this week, games will include traditional sports, creative games, obstacle courses, and relay races to name a few.  Everyone’s a winner!

Around the World in Five Days
Let’s explore the world together! Come ready for faraway Bold Adventures as we turn the globe into an exciting playground with a focus on cultures from around the world.

July 17

Discover your Special Gift (Encanto)
Inspired by the Disney movie “Encanto”, campers will explore our colorful & diverse world all while learning about people, creatures, and other cultural traditions.

Where the Wild Things Are
Calling all outdoor enthusiasts!  Join us in the Bold Adventures of learning as we explore Mother Nature and all of its creations, including land animals and plants.  A mountain of fun is in store this week – we will actively engage in exploring plants, animals, and our environment through nature walks, gardening, and nature and will visit the gardens here at St. Francis all while learning which bugs are “helper” bugs.



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