Welcome to St. Francis of Assisi Preschool
Raleigh, NC

Advisory Committee

The Preschool Advisory Council (PAC) is established to assist and advise the Director of the St Francis Preschool and the Pastor of St. Francis of Assisi parish. The Council is representative of the entire parish community of St. Francis of Assisi. The function of the Preschool Advisory Council is to advise in implementing policies and regulations as stated in the Catholic Schools Administrative Handbook issued by the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools. The PAC assists in the development of school policies and long-range plans, assists in the development of an ongoing assessment of the school’s performance within the context of the total educational mission of the parish, and assists the Director of Preschool and Director of Finance in the development of the school budget in collaboration with the Parish Finance Council and the Pastoral Council. The Preschool Advisory Council is not to enter into the administrative functions of the school.

Rob Neppel

PAC Member

Rob joined the Parish in 2006. After retiring from IBM after 32 years in 2010, his new job became picking up his grandchildren from the Pre-School. For three years, he would pick them up and hang out in the playground with the other moms while the kids played before going home. He joined the Parish staff as the Director of Finance and Planning in 2014.

Mae Villanueva

PAC Member

Mae serves as a co-chair if the Preschool Advisory Council. She and her family joined St. Francis of Assisi parish in 2014. She has a son and a daughter at the preschool and two daughters at The Franciscan School.

Emily Edwards

PAC Member

Emily Edwards and her husband, Bret, joined St. Francis Parish in 2011. Emily and Bret have three daughters, Amelia, Charlotte and Elizabeth. Amelia, a preschool graduate, is in 1st grade at TFS. Charlotte is in the Discovery Friends (4s) and Elizabeth will begin her preschool adventures in the coming year. The St. Francis community holds a special place in all of their hearts. Emily enjoys being involved in the preschool and using her creativity wherever it’s needed. The Edwards family is so grateful for the relationships and love they have experienced.

Molly O'Reardon

PAC Member

Molly O’Reardon and her family joined the St. Francis Parish in 2014. Molly, her husband Jamie, and their three children have loved their preschool experiences. Caroline, a preschool graduate, is in 1st grade at TFS. Madeleine is in the Discovery Friends (4s) with Ms. Tanya and Ms. Tere. Jack is in the Busy Bees (2s) with Ms. Cat and Ms. Elizabeth. Molly also serves on the Catholic Charities Annual Gala Planning Committee and is a Triangle-area realtor.